10 easy lunchbox ideas- that will promote learning!

It can be hard to think of new and exciting ideas for lunchboxes, especially if you make them everyday. Here are a few ideas for injecting learning into lunches!


  1. Write a cool message on a banana.


2. Make sure your kids have the coolest carrots in town.


3. Cut sandwiches into cool geometric shapes. Your child can make little houses out of them.


4. Write a note to say you love them.


5. Make an orange into a happy face.

6. Cut up fresh raw veges like pepper, broccoli and carrot.

7. Make a literacy game with your yogurt pot. Write the beginning sounds of the snacks in your lunch box on each side of the container. The children can match their sacks to their beginning letter before they eat them.

8. Draw emotions on yogurt pots. This is one pot with a different face drawn on each side.


9. Bake your own delicious muffins.

10. Make little surprise containers of cheese and crackers, raisins or chopped fruit!





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