Learning Infused Routines with Kids: Geometric Toast

The children in our house love toast. They have it every morning without fail. Our one year old says toast before we even get him out of his cot! We know that children learn through repetition and therefore daily routines are an amazing opportunity to promote learning. Any learning that can be injected into daily happenings will promote ongoing and continuous development. Think teeth brushing, hair brushing, lunch, or packing bags for school! Here are a few simple ideas for injecting a bit of extra learning into toast.

Six super easy ways to learn geometry with toast:


  1. Cut the toast into four squares. Cut one of those squares into two triangles, one into four little squares, and one into four little triangles. Let your children make geometric pictures by joining the toast together in different ways. You can even put different spreads on them to create different colours!photo-9-09-2016-10-29-17


2. Spread two different spreads on two different pieces of toast. Cut each piece into four strips. Cut two of the strips on each piece into four little squares. Make a checkerboard with the squares using patterning skills.



3. Sort them into long and shortphoto-9-09-2016-10-38-13

4. Match one piece of toast with one topping, to another the same size of the other topping, developing one to one correspondence skills.photo-9-09-2016-10-35-41

5. Make tricky patterns, like vegemite, vegemite, jam, vegemite, vegemite, jam, with the squares. Them eat them as you say the name of each spread. Children learn how patterns work easily when they there the sound of it out loud. photo-9-09-2016-10-32-24

6. Sort them into colours or shapes.


Although these ideas are designed to promote mathematical development, they are great for supporting language development as well! Happy munching!

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